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Ad posted by member 'Daisy'

 ID#: 2424   Date posted: October 22, 2010;   Expire date: January 24, 2015;             1753 visits
  Type: Job Offered  
  Salary: $0.00  
  Company: --  
  Country: USA  
  City: Worldwide Web  
  Specific Location: --  
  Brief Description: Would You Like to Make Easy Money Working from Home Just for Giving Your Opinion? ....... It does not feel like real work. You will get paid real money for sharing your experience about products you already use everyday! ....... Taking surveys is a fun and rewarding experience! Major corporations such as McDonalds, Nike, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, American Eagle, General Mills, Phillips, and many more are spending billions of dollars to get your opinion ....  Anyone Can Take Surveys .... No Experience Is Required! ........ This can be THE LAST TIME you see this! ....... Try it for FREE 60 days ! .............. Go check it out RIGHT NOW ! ......... BOOKMARK my site and THANKS !  
  Contact Name: --  
  Contact Phone: --  

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